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Zoom integration

Learn how to setup and use the Zoom integration in Speak

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How do I connect my Zoom account to Speak?

  1. Go to Meeting Assistant Preferences in your Speak account.

  2. Use the "Connect" button to redirect to Zoom and authorize access to your account

3. Log in to your Zoom account and grant Speak access to your account.

4. You will see an email address associated with your Zoom Account.

How do I disconnect my Zoom account from Speak?

If you wish to disconnect your account, click the "Disconnect" button to remove your information from the Speak database.

You must go through the authorization process if you decide to reconnect Zoom.

Functionality and features with Speak Ai <> Zoom:

Let Speak take the grunt work out of analyzing your meetings and recordings.

All your meetings, recordings, or webinars will be automatically databased, transcribed, and analyzed to let you find essential moments quickly.

With the Speak + Zoom integration, you can:

  1. Get automatic and professional transcription - All your recordings are automatically transcribed and stored as a highly accurate, interactive and editable transcript. For meetings where 99% accuracy is required, you can easily order a professional cleanup of your transcript with a single click.

  2. Create a searchable media library - The audio, video, and text library lets you find the exact moments you want across all your files. You can filter through your files using various filters and synced keyword, topic, and sentiment analytics.

  3. Use tags to organize your files by the project - You can use our tagging system to efficiently manage your files based on their project or use case.

  4. Easily export and share with your team - Quickly find, edit and share the most relevant moments from your recordings with your team. Use a fully shareable media library or export files in any format you want to make the most of your Zoom recordings.

Speak is a growing platform and ecosystem used by qualitative researchers, marketers, and makers to integrate transcription and language analysis into their workflows.

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