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Learn how to get your audio and video files transcribed to be as accurate as possible through our remote human transcription team.

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Professional transcription is an integrated service within Speak that helps you make your transcriptions as accurate as possible using our team of remote transcribers.

Our transcription team is experienced in editing, research and quality assurance and strives to make every transcript as accurate as possible so that you can use it for professional research, publishing, accessibility and more.

Once you have uploaded your audio or video file and transcribed and analyzed it successfully, visit the file, you would like to get professionally transcribed. You will see a button that says "Get Professional Transcription" beside the action button on the top right near the media player.

Get Professional Transcription Button

Clicking on that button will pop up the modal you see below:

To ensure our team makes your transcription as accurate as possible, we have provided you with options to add speaker labels, a glossary, and any additional instructions or insights that will help.

The Process

A transcription job is created within the Speak system. Our transcription team accepts the request and then gets sent a link to our secure custom-built transcription editing and quality assurance interface. They work through the file to make the transcription and speakers as accurate as possible. That is reviewed and then accepted. At that point, you will receive a notification that your transcription is complete. As soon as the transcriber is done with their work, they submit and the environment and closed. All transcribers manage media securely, have no option to download or revisit media, and cannot access the media once the job is done.

Speaker Names

Please put the full name (first and last) in the order that they speak in. This helps our transcribers identify speakers accurately, so you have an accurate final transcript.


Please input any unique language, terminology, or specific spelling that you need in your final transcript.

Additional Instructions

If there are any other suggestions, stylistic requirements, or other insights, please add them here.

Automatic Merge

Your transcript will be approved and merged automatically. Uncheck this option if you want the ability to review, approve and merge your transcript manually.

Rush Option

Get your transcript back in 48 hours (Up to 3x faster) with our rush option. The standard turn-around time is 4 to 5 days.


Speak automatically charges USD 1.50 per minute. In human transcription, through all the work we have done, we have found that USD 1.50 per minute enables us to get high-quality transcribers who care about quality assurance and the final output.

Transcription Complete Notification

You will receive an email when your transcription has been completed. You can then log back into your account to get your final version! If you have selected automatic merge, it will have already been accepted by the system and re-analyzed. If you didn't do an automatic merge, you can click on the same "Get Professional Transcription" button to review the changes and then accept them manually.

Feedback or More Edits Required?

Our transcription team does their absolute best, but if you find any problems with your transcript, please send us an email at [email protected] with any details about inaccuracies. We will work with our team to resolve and update the transcript, so you are happy with the final output!

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