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How To Get Automatic Meeting Summaries
How To Get Automatic Meeting Summaries
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Getting automatic meeting summaries is easy!

After selecting what folder your Meeting Assistant meetings go to (you can follow this guide to do that).

Once done, you can visit Prompt Automation on this page:

You can then set up an automation to create a Meeting Summary every time a new file is added to the folder!

Here is how:

  1. Select "Create Automation"

  2. Add a "Name" and "Description"

  3. Select the Folder your Meeting Assistant recordings are going to

  4. Select your "Assistant Type" (you can customize your own on this page)

  5. Select or write your prompt.

    1. Here is a default one for meeting summaries you can use: "Summarize the meeting with agenda, action items, and next steps. "

  6. Select "Run type" and "Instant" so that it runs automatically every time a new recording is added to the folder.

You can then hit "Update" and the Automation will be created.

You will get a notification every time it runs. You can also view your Magic Prompt response on the History page here:

Here is a video guide for this process if you want a video tutorial:

Happy analyzing!

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