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This is an article with frequently asked questions for Speak's Magic Prompts generative AI technology.

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Do I get Magic Prompts in my free trial?

Yes, you do! You get 100,000 characters included in your 7-day free trial.

How do we calculate Magic Prompt Characters usage?

When you run a Magic Prompt - we look for the Audio, Video Transcription or Text file. We take the text data and leverage the Large Langauge Model and Embeddings technology to Generate your output.

It counts, including Space, Timestamp, Speaker and transcription, to respond more accurately to your prompt.

Total Characters usage = Total Text data characters + Output response characters (From LLM)

You can see the usage of your characters in your Profile Overview section.

Does my usage count if my Magic Prompt fails to generate output?

If a Magic Prompt fails to generate an output, we don't calculate your Prompt Characters usage.

Can I add more characters to my subscription?

On the pricing page in the app, you can now see a slider to select how many characters you want to include in your plan each month.

What happens if I subscribe for 3, 6 or a yearly subscription?

All characters will be available upfront, and you will get a discounted rate with each plan length.

Can I roll over my magic prompt characters?

No, you cannot.

Duplicate Magic Prompt runs on large data; how should you avoid it?

If you run on a large chunk of data, please wait a few minutes to let the Large Language Model generate an output.

If it takes more than 10 minutes on a large chunk, please feel free to delete and re-run the same prompt. It won't cost you anything.

We tried to avoid such circumstances where you have to re-run the same prompt again. As of September 2023, we are working on implementing the Live Chat with Magic Prompt to avoid any wait time when you run a prompt.

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