Magic Prompts FAQ
This is an article with frequently asked questions for Speak's Magic Prompts generative AI technology.
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Do I get Magic Prompts in my free trial?

Yes, you do! You get 100,000 characters included in your 14-day free trial.

Do I get Magic Prompts in my paid plan?

Yes, you do! For any plan you sign up for, you get 100,000 characters per month included.

What are the current prompts available?

  • Create a SWOT Analysis

  • Give me the top action items

  • Create a bullet point list summary

  • Tell me the key issues that were left unresolved

  • Tell me what questions were asked

Where can I see my usage of the number of characters I've used in my prompts?

You can see the usage of your characters in your Profile Overview section.

Can I add more characters to my subscription?

On the pricing page in the app, you can now see a slider so you can select how many characters you want to include in your plan each month.

How much does it cost to add more characters?

You get 100,000 characters included in any paid plan. If you want to add more characters, you can add more in 250,000-character intervals for $3 USD each.

What happens if I subscribe for 3 - 6 - 9 or a yearly subscription?

All characters will be available upfront, and you will get the discounted rate that goes along with each plan length.

Do spaces count in characters?


Can I roll over my magic prompt characters?

No, you cannot.

Can I add a custom prompt to use?

Yes, of course!

Send us a message on live chat. We are adding new prompts every week and will send you an email.

If the prompt is highly specific to your account, we will enable it just for you.

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