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Do you support multiple file imports?
Do you support multiple file imports?
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Yes, we do support multiple file imports using the CSV format.

If you are interested in uploading multiple files at once, please use the below format and email us.

  1. Please ensure the field names are identical to the sample media or text file.

  2. Any field containing" " (double quotation) will fail during the upload. Kindly remove the " " from your file using the find-replace functionality.

Automatic store to the specific folder:

If you want to pre-assign your media files to a specific folder, you can pass "folderId" as a new column.


  1. Go to your folder or Create a new folder

  2. Check your browser URL:

  3. cf7cbf144443 --> Pass under the "folderId" column

  4. Please copy all the records in the CSV file to ensure all individual files go to that specific folder.

Here's the CSV sample file for audio and video:

Here's the CSV sample file for text:

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