Adding new team members
Invite team members to join your account

Add new team member

Open your sidebar and click on the "Members" section:
Managing team members
Once on your admin page you will find the "Add Team Member" button in the top right of your screen, under the header:
Add team member button
Click on the "Add Team Member" button to generate a form to be filled with new team member information:
Add new team member form
Fill in the team member's details, set them as "active" and set user permissions for access to:
    Audio files
    Video files
    Text files
    Payment information
    User Management
Your new team member should now be all set up and ready to use the Speak platform!

Team member with an existing Speak account

If a team member has an existing Speak account, you can send us a message via Live Chat or Email us at [email protected] to transfer their account.
All existing media under their account will stay safe in their account.
Last modified 4mo ago