Uploading a file
There are two ways to upload audio and video content onto Speak.
    Upload/Record Button
      Located beside your avatar at the top right of the screen
    Black Plus Button
      Located at the bottom right of the screen
What media format are you uploading?
    File โ€“ Do you already have the file?
      Upload pre-existing audio content from your computer.
    URL โ€“ Do you have a direct web link to the file?
      Simply Copy & Paste the URL
    YouTube URL โ€“ Got a YouTube clip?
      We can extract the audio & video! Copy & Paste the URL
    Record โ€“ No equipment? Go live with one click!
      Turn your computer/smartphone into an audio recording device
If you are uploading pre-existing content, the platform will automatically fill in the title with the fileโ€™s name.
If you want to record new content, title your new content and have the ability to change it later on.
Give your clips some context. If you canโ€™t think of anything, you can always edit it later on.
This helps organize your files within Speak and makes it easier to access in the future.
Total Cost
Automatically calculated, click โ€œpayโ€ to subtract the total from your Speak Balance.
Last modified 5mo ago
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