Google Chrome Extension
With a single click, import text from any web page onto your Speak account to analyze insights and sentiment instantly.
This extension provides an easy way to find and import any text from a page or entire page to analyze notes on Speak Ai application.

How to use:

Authenticate with your Speak credentials.
Once you are logged in to Speak, there are multiple ways to analyze text on web pages with the Chrome Extension.

Option 1: Fetch Page

You can fetch and analyze an entire page or article by selecting the "Fetch the Page" button.

Option 2: Highlight

You can also highlight, right-click and select "Speak Ai -- Import - Analyze Selected Text".
You can now instantly analyze and receive insights from:
    Social media posts
    People and organization profiles
    Blog posts
    Press releases
    News articles
    Any text-based content

Some examples of useful insights:

    Default Speak categories like people, brands, locations, numbers, events and more
    Custom Speak categories you create to find meaningful words and phrases
    Sentiment (identify and sort by most positive/negative moments)
    All insights will also populate into the dashboard that analyzes multiple files for you.
Here are some potential use cases of the Speak extension:
    Save time understanding content
    Find key information on web pages
    Analyze and find patterns across web pages
    Prepare for meetings
    Gain a better understanding of competitors
    Learn about people and organizations
    Export text and insights into PDF and Word Doc reports
Last modified 4mo ago