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What Does Speak Do For Security?
What Does Speak Do For Security?

How does Speak protect data, ensure confidentiality, encrypt information, select server locations and more.

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What are the locations of your data centre(s)?

Our data centres are strategically located within the Canada Central and North United States Regions. These data centres uphold the highest standards for security, environmental control, and operational reliability. They are designed to safeguard the integrity and operation of your data, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and industry best practices for security, privacy, and data protection.

Does my data get used for model training?

Unless explicitly instructed to for improved services, Speak Ai does not use user and customer data for model training.

Are there any SCC’s (standard contractual clauses) in place for data travelling outside of the EU

We have implemented robust measures to ensure data privacy and protection. This includes the incorporation of mutual NDAs and other agreements we are happy to honour. Our contractual obligations underpin our commitment to maintaining the privacy and security of data, whether it's at rest or in transit, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

How is personal data securely deleted?

Secure data deletion is a core facet of our privacy protocol. All personal data can be securely deleted through the designated account and data deletion functions within Speak. Users have direct control over their personal data and its permanency on our platform. We encourage you to explore the detailed guidelines on our dedicated data management page for further clarification. You can view the page here.

Do you have a security forum/page that we can refer to, or a change log detailing any changes to Speak Ai or its backend?

While we do not currently have a dedicated security forum or page, we are fully committed to transparency and information sharing. To that end, we are able to generate custom reports that meet your specific requirements. Moreover, we disseminate monthly email updates and in-app notifications to keep our customers informed about any changes or enhancements to our platform.

Do you have a support function for any issues we may have with Speak AI?

Yes, we provide a comprehensive support service for our customers. Our support suite includes real-time chat, responsive email support, and dedicated phone call assistance. Our customer service team is committed to addressing any issues or concerns you may have, with an emphasis on swift and effective resolution.

Is 2FA or Single Sign On available?

For enhanced security, we offer Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) through Google Workspace. This additional security layer helps safeguard your account by requiring a second verification step during the login process, reducing the likelihood of unauthorized access. We are currently adding Microsoft Single Sign on.

Is any of our data stored on Speak Ai encrypted at rest?

Absolutely. We adhere to industry-leading data protection practices. All data stored on Speak, including personal and sensitive information, is encrypted at rest. This means your data is transformed into an unreadable format using an encryption key, providing an additional layer of security and significantly reducing the risk of unauthorized access.

Do you conduct annual penetration tests on your environment?

We conduct continuous monitoring of potential penetration risks, effectively functioning as ongoing penetration testing. Our commitment to security includes maintaining the high standards set forth during our HIPAA audit and certification in 2021. This ongoing vigilance is integral to our proactive security approach.

How do you manage vulnerabilities to your platform?

We actively manage vulnerabilities through a comprehensive, ongoing process that includes weekly checks via tools such as GitHub. These tools inspect each library and generate vulnerability reports based on the potential impact of each identified issue. This proactive approach to vulnerability management underscores our commitment to platform integrity and data security.

Is the platform as secure in the trial period as it is if you are a paid customer?

Yes, the same protocols are put in place for anyone who signs up for the system!

Are files, when uploaded, synced and stored to a cloud server?

Yes, Speak Ai currently uses state-of-the-art technology to store data securely.

How do you handle known vulnerabilities? Do you have a vulnerability management program?

Yes, we do. You can review that on our dedicated Vulnerability Management Policy page.

Do you work with any researchers, universities or educational institutions?

Yes, we have and continue to work with some of the top researchers and education institutions across the world including Brown, Virginia, Cambridge, UMass Amherst, NYU, Berkely, Dartmouth, York, University of Colorado Boulder, Columbia, Texas University, Georgetown, Princeton, Cornell, UC Davis, Stanford, Emerson, Bloomfield, Western University, York, Ryerson, NC State, and many more.

We absolutely love working with these researchers and institutions and have special offers available. Just reach out and say hi!

What technology stack do you use?

  • Angular

  • Node.js

  • MongoDB

  • Express

  • Amazon Web Services

What other systems does Speak interact with?

  • Open Ai

  • Anthropic

  • Microsoft Azure

Do you have a Privacy Policy & Terms Of Service?

You can find our privacy policy here. You can also view our Terms of Service here.

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