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What browser does the embeddable recorder support?
What browser does the embeddable recorder support?
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The Speak embeddable audio and video recorder has been built to be compatible as listed below:

  1. Desktop PC

    • Microsoft Edge 12+

    • Google Chrome 28+

    • Mozilla Firefox 22+

    • Safari 11+ (Audio only)

    • Opera 18+

    • Vivaldi 1.9+

    • Brave

  2. Android

    • Google Chrome 28+ (enabled by default since 29)

    • Mozilla Firefox 24+

    • Opera Mobile 12+

  3. Chrome OS

  4. Firefox OS

  5. BlackBerry 10

  6. iOS

    • MobileSafari/WebKit (iOS 11+) (Audio only)

  7. Tizen 3.0

Besides those compatibility requirements, we see some edge cases on old devices and browsers; we do our absolute best.

If you have any problems, send us a note, and we will identify ways to correct any errors for you!

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