Embed your recorder
To embed your recorder, hit the "Share Recorder" button on your recorder's main page:
Embed or share your recorder
You'll get a popup with an iframe code and a URL for a custom branded page. Copy the iframe code to your clipboard:
Copy embeddable recorder iframe code to clipboard
Your iframe code should look like this:
<iframe allow="camera; microphone" style="height: 800px !important; width: 960px !important;" src="https://recorder.speakai.co/iframe/the-best-embeddable-recorder-ever-4ddb27cc290a" frameborder="0" scrolling="yes"></iframe>
To embed the recorder on your website, copy the iframe code and paste it into the HTML or text editor section of the page you want to have the recorder on. The iframe also works in web applications.
Paste the iframe in HTML or text editor
Once published, your embeddable recorder should appear on your page:
Now you just need to hit record!
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