Create an embeddable recorder
You can create an embeddable recorder by looking for the "Embed Recorder" option in your sidebar. If you are logged in, you can access the page directly by going to the Embeddable Recorder Page:
Create an embeddable recorder
Once on the embeddable recorder page, you'll have the option to create a recorder:
Create recorder button
When creating your recorder you'll be able to:
    Name your recorder
    Add a description
    Choose your recorder type - audio, video or both
    Choose to auto analyze any recordings
    Ask for user information
    Set up notifications
The form you fill to create your recorder
Once your recorder is created you're ready to embed or share it with your target users.
The current time limit on individual recordings is 5 minutes. However, you can reach out to us if you'd like to capture longer recordings and we can figure out a solution for you.
Last modified 4mo ago
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