Custom insights and categories
The system becomes yours. Any keyword or phrase that you want to find and analyze. Any category that you want to create.
Speak will automatically find and display it for you for an entirely new understanding of yourself and your media.
Our users and our team have been waiting for this moment for so long.
It is still hard to fully articulate the potential of this.
I’ve done my best to show just an overview in this video. What a great way to start the week.
In this example, I created the categories “Fundraising” and “Sales”.
Fundraising & Sales
For Fundraising, I included terms like “invest”, “pitch deck” and “model”.
For Sales, I included terms like “benefits”, “solution”, and “customer”.
Speak Ai will then find every instance of those words and phrases across your media!
Custom Media Insights
You can see how many times they appear and click on the buttons to jump to those exact moments. Navigate through hours of audio and video and thousands of words in seconds.
We can’t wait to see what you in the Speak community are going to do with this new ability.

Current Categories & Insights

Default Categories

Keywords (Audio & Video Only Right Now) Topics (Audio & Video Only Right Now) People Brands/Organizations Locations Works of Art Numbers Dates Events Languages Laws Money Percentages Quantities Times

Custom Categories

Action Items Communication
Time Orientation
Past Focus Present Focus Future Focus
Happiness Disgust Fear Anger Sadness Surprise
Other Categories & Insights
Absolutist Words Causation Comparisons Contentious Labels Contrast Editorializing Fillers Fundraising Puffery Sales Tentative Unsupported Attributions
What categories and insights will you add?
Please feel encouraged to connect if you want any help maximizing the value of this new ability.
Last modified 5mo ago